Jeanne V. Reed

When our son the bridegroom-to-be and his fiancee told us they would like the rehearsal dinner to be at a place different from the wedding reception after I had made all the arrangements, I panicked. I was in Ohio and the wedding was to be in Tobago and I panicked briefly until I pulled out my Wedding folder and took out the many-page Conde Nast Traveler magazine article dated August, 2005 that listed the best travel agents for specific areas of the world. I began calling the 3 names on the Caribbean list on a Friday afternoon, the second travel agent actually answered the phone and listened to my sad story, and the next day she called me back with complete information about the perfect place for the rehearsal dinner!

This letter is to express great appreciation and fondness for Becky Veith. Becky held my hand via long phone calls and emails in the weeks before the wedding, made all the contacts, communicated with Nick and Norma at Seahorse Inn about my wishes, and was a reassuring, experienced cheerleader for a worried mother of the groom who wanted perfection (food and drinks, atmosphere, table settings, table centerpieces, dining experience) at this special event — and got it, thanks to Becky.

In addition, when I did some research on the Internet later and read a description of a wonderful way for our gang to get to know the island by visiting a shore bird sanctuary island, snorkel in the Atlantic Ocean, have lunch in a restaurant in a tree house, etc., Becky tracked down the tour organizer who created a custom all-day tour. Susan Ramrattan arrived at the hotel early in the morning of the tour to meet me and offer assistance during the weekend, and she chose a wonderful guide for our tour who has a degree in ornithology from Southhampton University.

Thanks to Becky, our tour and rehearsal dinner were wonderful and just as I hoped they would be. Becky’s knowledge of the Caribbean is encyclopedic and her commitment to ‘customer satisfaction’ extended to her asking me to call her on the weekends. All thanks goes to Becky Veith for her help and advice and huge amounts of time spent with us and for us over many weeks!

Jeanne V. Reed
Bexley, OH