Iris & Jeff Katz

I have been working with Becky for many years and she has helped us plan many family vacations. This most recent vacation to Club Med Punta Cana turned out to be a perfect and fabulous vacation and gave us everything we asked for. The teen club was a huge hit with my kids (11 and 13) and gave my husband and I enough down town to enjoy our vacation as well while the kids were doing their own things with the teen club.

The beginning of the vacation started on a bad foot when we got bumped off the flight due to the airlines overbooking the flight. Here we are in Newark Airport at 7:20am Saturday morning with no tickets!!! I call up Becky to let her know the situation that they have put us on a later flight to Santo Domingo Airport which is a 3 hour ride from the Punta Cana Airport which was our original destination. The airline counter agent is telling us to take a bus from one airport to another and I told Becky this and she advised me not to take this route. Instead, Becky went to work at 7:30am on Saturday morning to find us private transportation from Santo Domingo Airport to our final destination of Club Med in Punta Cana. Being that this was Easter week, this was no easy task. It took Becky about 5 hours to find us private transportation for a 3 hour drive from Santo Domingo to Club Med in Punta Cana, reconfirm with Club Med that we are coming and to not give away our room, to arrange a personal welcome from the Club Med team, and who knows what else Becky had to do. All I know is that it was a very calming feeling being in Newark Airport and knowing that I had a caring and knowledgeable friend and travel agent working for me and making sure that my family and I were taken care of.

All in all, Becky made a bad situation good again and we are grateful for being one of her clients. Our vacation was great and we truly appreciate the advice about the white chocolate bread (HAHA)!

Iris, Jeff, Marissa, and Seth Katz