Beach Time!


My family is getting ready for our annual trek to the Outer Banks for our family beach vacation.  Every year all the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins look forward to this family gathering and enjoy 7 days of warm sun, sand, and seawater.  This will be our 22nd year for this wonderful pilgrimage and after this many years of beaching it we have it down to a system for a carefree happy vacation.  I thought I would share with you some of these must do ideas for traveling to the beach with your family.  I would love to hear any of your Beach tips!

Becky’s Best Beach tips!

Beach chairs: This is a must. Go to your local beach supply store and find a chair that is lightweight, has a pocket to store things in the back and a handy strap for carrying. Generally walking to the beach can be a long haul over sand dunes the lighter chair you have the better.

Carry your own chair: Our family rule is to take your own chair down to the beach and bring it back!  Babies are the only ones exempt from this rule.

Towels: Pack two beach towels.  When you go to the beach take one towel for drying and leave the other in the outside shower.  When the day is over you will have a clean dry towel waiting for you.

Bathing suits: Take at least two suits with you.  Wear one to the beach and leave a clean one in the outdoor shower with the clean dry towel.  After spending time at the beach you can shower, put on the clean suit, and enjoy the pool or hot tub.  This really helps to keep both the pool and hot tub clean and sand free.

Beach Umbrella: This should be a good sturdy umbrella.  Not one of those flimmsy inexpensive ones that blows away in the first puff of wind.  We usually rent one at the local beach rental shop. This is a must to get out of the sun.  More than one child has fallen asleep under the umbrella and it is great for reading.

Sun Screen: Take tons of sunscreen preferably the higher SPF the better and apply often.  Every child in our family has had to learn this rule the hard way.

Lip Balm: Plenty of lip balm with a high SPF to protect those sensitive lips.

Cooler: Again shop a long time and get just the right one.  It should be lightweight with plenty of room.  We always take water, soda’s and plenty of ice cold beer.

Coozies: Again a must for keeping those beverages cool.  We like the neoprene ones because they fit in the pocket in the beach chair.

Sand Pail and Shovels: For all the kids young and old.  We always make some type of group castle or sculpture. The bucket and shovel kept my boys busy all day. Big Plastic Bucket or tub.  This is great for any little ones who can’t go in the ocean.  You fill it up with water and they will play in it all day while keeping cool.

Boogie Board: A boogie board is great to have for fun in the waves and a great floatation device in case of a rip tide.

Flip Flops: These are a must to prevent burnt feet.  I personally love my Reefs they are comfortable and light.

Soccer ball and Frisbee: Every year we take these to the beach for hours of fun and exercise.

Gold doubloons: We had more fun with this trick.  You can purchase fake doubloons at a local shell or souvenir store.   When the kids are digging a hole and they have their backs turned throw them in the hole.  When they start digging again they think they have found real buried treasure.  It is blast….the kids go crazy.

Snacks: We try to take healthy snacks to the beach.  Here are a few great ideas.  Kids can  dehydrate at the beach so we freeze flavor ice and pop them in the cooler.  It’s a great way for little ones to consume fluids and keep cool. We also freeze seedless grapes.  It is another snack that keeps you cool and healthy. Peanuts in the shell are a must.  We spend hours shucking peanuts.  We also pack peanut butter and jelly and other snacks like pretzels and chips.

Garbage: We take a garbage bag with us.  Keeping the beach clean is important so it is easy to take our garbage with us when you bring a bag to the beach.

Wipes: For the kids after digging in the sand.  It is great way to clean up before snacks.

Flash lights: A fun activity at the beach in the evening.  Once the sun goes down all types of creatures come out at the beach.  Children love looking for the crabs in the sand at night and a flashlight spots them easily.

Bug Spray: Never hurts to come prepared.  If it has been an exceptionally wet summer mosquito’s and sand fleas can be a problem.  Not to worry if you have bug spray.

Have a great time at the Beach and feel free to add any of your tips or suggestions.